The Last Lever to Pull

Amnesty should be the last lever pulled. The first should be the wholesale restructuring of the $1.7 trillion student loan portfolio so that repayment durations are extended to a more appropriate term.

The Last Lever to Pull2021-03-14T22:05:16-04:00

Genius or Grifter?

Willfully shortchanging lenders, investors, suppliers and employees, and swindling customers does not make a business owner smart. Just a deadbeat.

Genius or Grifter?2020-10-28T18:29:11-04:00

Thoughts at a Hypertense Time

The election is fast approaching. And when I’m not preoccupied with wearing a mask, washing my hands, maintaining a safe distance and disinfecting everything, my thoughts turn to other matters that concern me every bit as much, particularly at this fraught time.

Thoughts at a Hypertense Time2020-10-26T10:25:39-04:00

A Hard Lesson

Mitchell D. Weiss shares a story on the importance of business ethics and personal conduct during a transaction.

A Hard Lesson2020-09-14T09:35:07-04:00

When You Point A Finger…

Some time ago, I accepted a challenging consulting engagement with a national bank. The chairman and CEO of one of its multibillion subsidiaries abruptly resigned and I was to crisis manage the company as interim CEO until a permanent replacement could be recruited.

Over the course of that assignment, I […]

When You Point A Finger…2020-08-31T22:14:52-04:00
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