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Financial First Aid

COVID-19 has much of the world adjusting to a new reality: sheltered at and communicating from home. Although many of us have lived through other historic disruptions, our college students have no comparable point of reference. They were barely walking on 9/11 and learning to ride two-wheelers when the economy collapsed in 2008. So, it’s not surprising that our students are reaching out for help, and not just with the coursework they’re struggling to complete remotely. They’re asking us for advice on household financial matters that directly impact their lives. It is with all that in mind that she and I set out to script and record a short series of podcasts for our students at the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University and beyond. We used WebEx for the videography and subcontracted the post-production and media work.

Episode 1: Renegotiating a Troubled Loan in a Troubled Time

In response to a student query, how to go about requesting payment deferrals and interest rate accommodations during this unsettled period.

Financial First Aid: Episode 2 – Managing a Stack of Problems

Taking a risk management approach to dealing with a multitude of problems occurring all at once.

Financial First Aid: Episode 3 – Student Loans & C.A.R.E.S

Addressing confusion over the student loan payment deferral feature of the CARES act, and advice on alternative payment plans.

Financial First Aid: Episode 4 – Freelancing Your Way to Financial Stability

Important planning and financial considerations for students contemplating supplemental and full-time endeavors.

Financial First Aid: Episode 5 – Budgeting Using the 25% Strategy

Organizing personal budgets in a way that yields good flexibility, particularly during uncertain times.