When you were a kid, did you ever fantasize about running away from home? What if you had a really good reason to act on that? One that spurred you to travel halfway across the country, change your name and fabricate a backstory that no one—not your spouse, your kids, your friends—would ever think was anything but the truth?

Secrets come at a cost. Sometimes, more than we’re prepared to pay.

The action takes place at the Weston apartment in downtown Chicago, the Williamson house in Queens, New York, and at a nearby park.

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Holly Hill
Holly HillAlison Weston
Matt Werner
Matt WernerMichael Weston/Matthew Williamson lll
Script Editor
Rachel Rival
Rachel RivalSusan Williamson
Reid Williams
Reid WilliamsProduction Manager
Gabriel Herman
Gabriel HermanAudio Production
Cole Walker
Cole WalkerAudio Post-Production
Dan Rice
Dan RiceComposer - Theme
Julia Maher
Julia MaherIllustration

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