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First Week in August

First Week is a story about best friends who for ten years, along with their families, rent a beach house every first week in August, and bike into town every day. Men who, despite that friendship, are each burdened with a secret. For one of them, it’s at the core of his deeply troubled marriage. For the other, it’s a betrayal yet to be revealed.

All the action takes place on a park bench in a quaint New England beachside town. The first three scenes are set during the first week in August. The last scene takes place on the same bench, two years later.

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Peter Mann
Peter MannHenry Gardner
Reid Williams
Reid WilliamsWill Nolan
Holly Hill
Holly HillConnie Williams
Matt Werner
Matt WernerScript Editing Consultant
Co-Production Manager
Gabriel Herman
Gabriel HermanAudio Production
Cole Walker
Cole WalkerAudio Post-Production
Dan Rice
Dan RiceComposer - Theme
Carl Straw
Carl StrawIllustration

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