Mitchell D. Weiss

Get to Know Mitchell D. Weiss

Mitchell D. Weiss is a financial services industry entrepreneur. He has owned and run commercial finance companies, and served as an executive officer at national, regional and community banks. Since 2008, he’s led a management consulting practice, advising banks, private equity firms and small to mid-size businesses.

Mitchell is the author of several texts including Life Happens: A Practical Course on Personal Finance from College to Career, Business Happens: A Practical Guide to Entrepreneurial Finance for Small Businesses and Professional Practices and Practical Finance – A Straightforward Guide to Personal and Entrepreneurial Finance, and nationally distributed articles and op-eds on a variety of personal, commercial and entrepreneurial finance-related matters.

Mitch is adjunct faculty at Rutgers University in New Brunswick where he developed and teaches an online course that uniquely combines personal and entrepreneurial finance. The curriculum is supported by his Practical Finance text and 60-plus instructional videos and is particularly geared to nonbusiness majors in the arts, sciences and professions. It is among the most highly rated courses at the university and was included in the Big Ten Academic Alliance project during the pandemic. He is also an Executive in Residence at the University of Hartford, co-founder of the university’s Center for Personal Financial Responsibility and a former member of the university’s Barney School of Business Board of Visitors.