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Part 6: Insuring Your World

Insurance 101
Developing a risk-management plan; how insurance companies make money; exclusions, riders and deductibles-what they are, how they work.

Homeowner's Insurance
Property and casualty (liability) insurance-what it is, how it works, why you need both; renter's insurance-affordable and important; insurances and mortgages.

Automobile Insurance
A peek behind the auto-insurance-premium curtain; how personal liability tracks the owner of the asset; how to handle accidents and traffic tickets; what to do about rental cars.

Health Care Insurance
How group health care insurance works, High Deductible Healthcare Plans and Health Savings Accounts; the impact of Health Care reform; insurance claim denials-when and how to push back.

Life Insurance
Term life versus whole life insurance policies, plus a few more insurance products to consider.

Chapter 6 Preview