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Part 1: Setting Up Shop

Establishing goals, time-lines, costs and priorities; viewing budgeting as a "zero sum" equation; the importance of tracking, the importance of assessing and revising; budgeting for cars, houses and insurance; how budgeting works in committed relationships.

Cash Management
Gross versus net pay; checking account policies and practices; managing cash at the ATM; debit versus credit cards; four strategies for cash management success; best record retention practices.

How the system works; federal taxes and forms; state income taxes; calculating federal taxes; strategies for managing withholding taxes; avoiding versus evading your tax obligations.

Acquiring, Managing and Protecting Credit
The 5 C's of Credit-what they are, why they're important and how they're used by lenders; credit bureaus and credit scores-knowing the differences, managing the outcomes; five ways to properly manage your credit; ID theft—how to prevent it and what to do when lightning strikes.

Chapter 1 Preview