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What You Don't Get With A College Degree

Yes, you'll learn a lot of things as you make your way through college. But you won't get the kind of education you need to take control of your financial life. Written by a financial industry insider, college professor and a parent of two children who've successfully made the transition from college to career, Life Happens delivers straight talk on student loans and mortgage loans, debit cards and credit cards, apartment leases and auto leases, cash management, career planning, and more.

With unique insight, practical advice, and personal stories that help bring it all to life, Mitchell D. Weiss untangles the convoluted world of personal banking and finance. And because no one can know everything about everything, he's included even more online resources in the Second Edition.

Whether you're starting college, in school or about to launch your career, Life Happens will help you to stay on the money!

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